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What We Do

  • Mobile and Web Apps

    We build mobile and web apps for startups through to large enterprises

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  • Machine Learning

    We use the latest algorithms to extract the most value from our client's big data

  • Optimisation

    We solve complex problems, delivering the best solution to our clients

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  • Mentoring

    We are technical leaders and help shape development practices for our clients


Our Clients

  • Machine Learning & Optimisation

  • CBH

    Phobos has a long term relationship with CBH Group which has seen us successfully deliver numerous software projects. As a large bulk handler for grain and fertiliser, CBH Group has a diverse array of technical requirements, and as their prime development vendor Phobos has been involved in the delivery of solutions ranging from low level interactions with hardware devices at their 250 sites, to the higher level solutions including Quality Optimisation that automatically blends loads of grain for growers.

    Quality Optimisation

    Phobos developed a flagship web application to provide an interface for growers to blend their loads of grain. The web application allowed CBH growers to drag and drop loads into optimised lots, or to automatically determine the optimal blend for a grower’s loads using an optimisation algorithm. Phobos also delivered a solution that allowed one click deployment for the entire application.

    Online Applications

    Phobos delivered an online portal that replaced the existing aging system with a modern equivalent to meet today’s users expectations. An agile approach was used to deliver a system that leveraged the latest technical and architectural practices. A Service Oriented Architecture was used to break up the monolithic nature of the legacy systems. The front-end was developed using a Single Page Application approach with heavy usage of Javascript frameworks. This combined with RESTful interfaces and the incorporation of a document database enabled us to delivered a performant and maintainable solution. Under tight deadlines Phobos delivered for CBH Group its single largest client facing application.

    Grain Classification Prototype

    Phobos developed a prototype grain classification engine for CBH Group that accurately and performantly classified thousands of images of grain from grower load samples. As part of the project Phobos investigated several Machine Learning algorithms, developed a large set of image analysis features and heavily leveraged multi-threading.

    Site of 2020

    As part of CBH's commitment to improving efficiency when delivering grain to their sites, they have incorporated a mobile application to integrate with their Site based services. Phobos delivered the integration for this mobile application, leveraging state of the art messaging frameworks based on Azure plaform to provide a robust and scalable solution.
  • DailyGrain

    DailyGrain is an online price discovery service created in 2007. Phobos has a relationship with DailyGrain that has seen us evolve the product into a state of the art solution. Recently DailyGrain undertook a project to build a Marketplace that would disrupt the grain industry in Western Australia. The DailyGrain Marketplace is set to become an integral part of how Western Australian growers sell grain.


    DailyGrain came to Phobos with a concept and we delivered a world-class matching engine and trading platform within six months. Work is ongoing to enhance this already well established marketplace. The solution was developed in such a way that it could be easily applied to any industry or application.

    Website Refresh

    The project sought to address concerns that the site had not kept pace with changes in technology in the marketplace. Phobos completely replaced the front-end of the application, leveraging the latest practices and technologies to ensure that the user experience would be in line with user expectations of a modern, responsive website.


    Phobos delivered a new optimisation engine to optimise the blending of grain quality and allocation of grain to contracts for growers in the one step. Previously growers had to perform quality optimisation of their grain in a separate system and import the results into DailyGrain. Phobos explored several algorithms before arriving at a solution that could handle the complex problem.

    "CBH recently worked with Phobos to develop new exchange functionality for CBH’s price discovery platform. This grain trading exchange brings a new level of transparency and efficiency to grain trading in WA. Phobos delivered a fully functional market engine within very tight timeframes and a UI which has received very positive feedback from growers and traders since launch. I was constantly impressed with the quality of delivery and Phobos’s deep understanding of a complex industry."

    Claire Dunkley, Innovation Manager
  • CBH

    Phobos has formed a joint venture with Sensorem, a company with expertise in remote sensing, to develop a weed detection system using images collected from drones. Phobos leveraged its expertise in image analysis and machine learning to deliver a prototype system that is able to identify individual weeds and return their GPS co-ordinates. The second phase of the project will see enhancements to the drone to deliver even higher resolution and image stability, and a new machine learning implementation to further improve the accuracy.

  • AgWorld

    Phobos delivered a sophisticated farm fertiliser optimisation solution. The delivered product included a RESTful web service that encapsulated the optimisation engine and a separate configuration website. The engine was built around Microsoft Solver Foundation which allowed the client to maintain the fertiliser optimisation models.
  • Mobile & Web Apps

  • eTool

    eTool came to Phobos as a startup with a prototype for modelling embodied energy in house design. Phobos delivered a cutting edge web application that served as both the engine of the business and provided a front-end allowing both certifiers and the general public to model embodied energy.
  • AllSolus

    AllSolus provides end-to-end environmental monitoring and energy management solutions. AllSolus had outgrown its server software which was struggling under the load of its custom designed hardware devices.

    Phobos delivered a new service to receive the incoming data, with performance improvement the key focus. Phobos developed a dashboard for AllSolus’ users that allowed them to visualise their water and energy usage with configurable widgets. As a public facing system, User Experience (UX) was important to ensure that the configuration of the dashboard was intuitive.
  • Watco

    With an outdated Microsoft Access application causing headaches with their rostering and payroll, Phobos delivered a drag and drop rostering system that streamlines Watco's rostering processes. Our team worked closely with Watco staff to incorporate complex rules around Fatigue legislation and an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement with their train drivers.
  • iPaddock

    Phobos developed a mobile application that allows growers to record rainfall and then forecast the expected yield for the season. The app was written using Phonegap and leveraged the latest Javascript libraries under the hood. Statistical modelling based on a prototype was required to deliver the prediction engine. A custom synchronisation service was also developed and deployed to Azure, allowing growers to share data across multiple devices.
  • Rottnest Island Authority

    Phobos implemented the Rottnest Island Authority ( and Rottnest Island ( websites, leveraging the Sitecore Content Management System. Collaborating with design agency Humaan the team delivered responsively designed templates and wizards. Deployment was automated to allow for a stress free delivery to an enterprise level hosting environment.


Our Approach

  • Listening

    The success of our projects hinges on the communication between our developers and our clients

    We like to build long term relationships with our clients. This gives us a deep understanding of their business processes, enabling us to deliver a better solution.

  • Agile

    We deliver software in small iterations so that our clients can provide feedback as soon as possible

    Getting this right means we build just enough software to deliver the features your business demands.

  • Programming

    We build mobile and web apps using languages and frameworks like C#, Javascript, ASP.NET, Azure, Xamarin, HTML5 and CSS

    Our developers are encouraged to explore new technologies and approaches to developing software, which means that our solutions are constantly improving as we find more robust and efficient ways to solve problems.

  • Deploying

    Our software is ready to release at any time, at the push of a button.

    Using tools such as TeamCity and Octopus Deploy takes the pain out of building and deploying software.

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